The Alcazar that we know today stands on the highest hill in Toledo, being the most emblematic building of the panoramic view of the city. It is known the existence of some fortress in this same location since Roman times.

The structure of the current building dates from the time of Charles V, when a building worthy of an emperor’s palace was built, wiping out virtually any vestige of the medieval fortress.

It has had different uses throughout history: barracks, military academy, prison, silk shop… And it has also suffered tragic moments, such as a fire in 1710 during the War of Succession, a partial destruction in 1887 during the War of Independence, and almost total destruction by bombing in 1936 during the Civil War.

In 1940 its reconstruction began following photographs and plans, trying to respect its previous appearance. It is currently the Army Museum, and Regional Library of Castilla la Mancha.

De Ruta por Toledo - Alcázar de Toledo

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