De Ruta por Toledo - Panorámica Nocturna

The people of Toledo already know this, but now the Congress Office and Convention Bureau of Japan (Yakei), has chosen the night view of Toledo as the most beautiful in the world.

And it is that over the years the illuminations of the most emblematic monuments have been updated giving the city the beautiful night image that it now presents. And this is known by locals and visitors, and is noticeable in the increase in the supply and demand of visits to the city and its monuments on night routes that run through the highlights of the capital of the Tagus.

From “DE RUTA POR TOLEDO” we recommend our friends and clients to visit Toledo at night to enjoy not only the impressive panoramic view of the city from the Valley, but also to get lost in the labyrinth of its streets, and be surprised to turn every corner and enjoy a new and beautiful monument, a coquettish square, a sober but beautiful façade…

And if you want to take a guided tour, do not hesitate to count on us. We will gladly show you those lesser-known corners of Toledo, but with great interest.